Sunday, August 30, 2015

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New program to teach literacy


This new year we have begun a new program to teach literacy to both elder groups and to young women who haven't had the opportunity to study.  Tere Montoya, our ministry leader in Tijuana has taken special training offered by the Mexican government so the program can offer an official certificate of completion that is recognized publicly.

We have already a developed relationship of trust with many of the elder individuals. When we started working with the elders we realized that many didn't know how to read and write.  They sign their official documents with an “x”.  This is a risky thing because it is easy for others to falsify their documents.  They wish they could be able to read important documents and now since they have been studying God’s Word they desire to read it on their own rather than waiting for others to have time to read to them.  Recently there are some youth that have joined the class.  We began with 22 elder adults and 8 new young people have joined it.  This gives us an opportunity also to help them explore faith in God. We are using the patrimonio luterano bible and the portals of prayer and they are learning to trust God and talk to him in prayer.  This helps them practice reading and feeds their faith. 

David Acosta


Ma Teresa Montoya Luna "El principio de la sabiduría es el temor de Jehová." Salmos 111:10 .


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