Saturday, September 12, 2015

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Health Clinics

We continue supporting people who have health challenges.  They often seek the support and counsel of God when they face weaknesses in their physical bodies.  In the elder group of course, the people ask those questions that you ask when you see the end of life near.  This gives urgent and immediate context for the study of God’s word and the developing of a relationship with Him.  One of our most important volunteer partners in the elder group is Pharmacist Don Pancho.  He has a servant heart and uses his skills to serve the elders. We are grateful for Don Pancho. 

We have worked with him for 7 years since we started developing Elder groups.   At the same time that Don Pancho serves, he has also cared for his ill daughter Mary. She has advanced cancer and has lost many parts of her body already.  Still, Don Pancho serves and finds such joy in this service. 
This active work has received donations from local professionals in Tijuana and also in the United States.  Equipment, medicine, supplies, many other items for the care and support of the people in the elder groups has come through the generosity of many. We are grateful. 
In this season we have two main groups that meet weekly in two different areas with more than 100 people being served weekly. If there is an urgent need during the week, Don Pancho makes himself available then too as well as our staff member for any items that we have in storage.  



Ma Teresa Montoya Luna "El principio de la sabiduría es el temor de Jehová." Salmos 111:10 .


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