About us/Quienes somos

We are a Christian non-profit organization working in Tijuana since 1998.

Our mission is to build generations that follow Jesus and change the world.

Strategy:  Creating or joining environments where people can gather naturally and using those groupings as platforms to teach people of all ages, within the context of relationship, about Jesus if they don't know him. Where they do know Him, we create environments and service opportunities where they can deepen their love of Jesus, faith in Him and love and service to others.

Areas of Focus: 

Teaching - Bible classes for children and youth.  Support in providing theological books, Bibles and other necessary resources for the Lutheran Bible Institute so that workers can be prepared for mission and ministry in Tijuana.  We also teach people about Jesus in natural groupings such as grass roots elder groups, single mother groups, youth activities and sport programs that we can coordinate.

Leading - Faith deepening and leadership development opportunities.  We host retreats each year for those who want to develop a deeper faith.  They are for couples, youth, women and men.

Serving - We create opportunities where those learning and leading can serve others in diverse ways as they put their love into practice.

Mentoring and Multiplying:  Helping those who are serving see that God invites them to change the world through equipping others to serve.

This ministry is possible with the generous support of Concordia Church and School in Chula Vista, California.

We also are grateful for the support of:
Messiah Lutheran Church (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Bethany Lutheran Church (San Diego, California)
Pilgrim Lutheran Church (Chula Vista, California)
Sunshine Zone of the Lutheran Laymen's League
Orphan Grain Train
Thrivent Financial

Thank you to many generous individual donors who give regular or one-time gifts.  We are grateful the Lord multiplies your gifts.


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